University Of Milano-Bicocca presents International Summer School EXPO Milan 2015

Summer School Programs at University of Milano-Bicocca are a wonderful opportunity for you to invest your summer in acquiring knowledge and skills across a wide range of academic disciplines – Economics and statistical Sciences, Law, Medicine and Surgery, Educational Sciences, Natural Sciences and Sociology.
Dedicated to university students, we are offering 23 intensive summer courses of short duration – one or two weeks – for you to choose from. Over and above all summer schools will have a special theme dedicated to Expo 2015.
You are sure to find something that suits your interests and needs. From classroom sessions to a series of theme-related plenary lectures and/or evening talks & guided visits to Expo will help you explore new ideas and enrich your knowledge in your chosen subjects.
We invite you to explore your interest and immerse yourself in the Italian culture where learning is not limited to the classroom: locations themselves become a ‘living textbook’, allowing knowledge building and information exchange, in direct contact with local students, and fostering an appreciation and awareness of socio-economic reality, diverse cultures, people and ideas.
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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Connect Expo

How digital communication and web marketing can be effective in communicating, promoting and improving Mega Events


The course aims to provide the basic theoretical / practical information to become more aware of how to catch the opportunities offered by new technologies in the world of communication. A mega event like Expo2015 has online communication as a key medium for marketing and visibility.
The Expo event website also is an operational tool for communicating issues related to food and sustainability. The Summer School will enable foreign and Bicocca students visiting Expo to learn how to communicate online and do online marketing of a "big event" of global relevance, in addition to understanding the principles of digital communications strategy. Theoretical assumptions that determine the benefits and the feasibility of digital communications and digital publishing will also be discussed.

Topics covered

Social media, web marketing, mobile technology, gamification, video and online news media, social media marketing strategy, events and mega events, communication goals, marketing techniques.

Program Coordinator

Prof. Paolo Ferri, University of Milano-Bicocca

External Partners

Ledizioni, Spaggiari



Application Deadline



To be or have been a University Student, fluency in English

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